Yes - A visa is required for travel to Switzerland

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A student visa is required to enroll in a course of study in Switzerland.

Navigating the frequently changing visa requirements and application rules involved in applying for an international visa can be a complex process. Our Executive Service team will streamline everything from completing your forms and applications for you to booking your consular appointment. We can even meet you at the consulate to help with any last-minute needs. Talk to our Executive Service team about how we can simplify your visa process by calling 800-632-3943.

Below is a summary of the necessary documents and requirements for obtaining a visa to Switzerland:


Passport Requirements:

Original, signed passport plus two photocopies of passport information pages. Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond stay, with at least one blank passport page available for visa stamp(s). Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for visa stamps. Please note: You may submit photocopies of your passport to begin this process and send the original passport to Travisa at a later date to receive the visa stamp if you need to travel during the long processing time to obtain this visa.


Switzerland Visa Application Form:

Three properly completed and signed student (type D) visa application forms. After placing your order, fill out the application forms included in your Visa Application Kit.


Photo Requirements:

Four recent 2 x 2 passport type photographs, in color, front view and with a plain/white background.


Other Requirements:

  • Two copies of confirmation/registration letter from the school or university in Switzerland.
  • Two copies of confirmation of payment of school tuition fees
  • A statement containing exact details of income and assets, with official proof and/or bank statements (2 copies each).
  • Two copies of previous diplomas and school certificates.
  • Two copies of a written confirmation that the applicant will leave Switzerland after he/she completes the chosen course study.
  • Two copies of a signed and dated resume (biographical data, schools attended, etc.).
  • Two copies of a brief essay on the applicant's future plan.


In Person Appearance:

The Swiss Consulate may require some applicants to make a personal appearance during the application process for this visa.

Visa Processing Time:

Student visa application information will be forwarded for a decision to the competent cantonal foreign police where you intend to study. The Embassy or Consulate of Switzerland will only be able to issue the visa upon receipt of authorization from Switzerland. Once applications are filed the processing time is 12-14 weeks. It is required to make an appointment to file documents with the Consulate of Switzerland. Please contact Travisa to schedule your appointment.

Register your trip with the US Embassy:

The US State Department strongly encourages American citizens planning international travel to register with the US Embassy(s) in the countries they plan to visit. Registration notifies the US Embassy in each country of your travel plans and enrolls you in the State Department travel advisory and warnings program. Feel more secure about your international travels by having Travisa register your trip with the US Department of State; simply complete the form on your visa application kit after placing your order.